The Misty Isles

The 5 challenges of Gills but also the others
Size doesn't matter

Today in The Misty Isles:

The group arrived at the Pirate Bay, a place dedicated to sharing things and gambled to get a new ship.

The group made a LSD trip down the river in the enchanted forest.

Ibrahim actually sails through the forest of Lighthouses and flip the birds to the storms mothers.

Gills goes in Once Upon a Time in the West to get a compass in the sea of sands (and fucks prostitutes).

Lusca compares size with Krodos, the god of manliness and earns his approval.

Ibrahim fights giant scorpions and giant giant spiders.

Gills pulls a river trough the desert.

We finally make it to Disney World Land

The (not so) great escape
Stew joins the crew

Last night in The Misty Isles:

Gills stays on the ship to “prepare to leave” but actually sleeps it off.

Stew the cook was saved from improbable death.

The group escaped the angry mob and fought that guy with a fiery axe.

Lusca towed the boat while Stew and Ibrahim actually sailed the damn thing to escape Catwalk’s canon.

The powerful encounter of two immortal souls almost crushed the boat as all of Yu-shan turned its gaze on Creation to witness the ever burning manliness of two men handshaking to the sound of Carmina Burana.

Ibrahim finds the way to pass through the magical forest but it’s probably just full of pirates that block the way.

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