Tosh Muly, the pirate cat


Essence 1, Willpower 4

Defining Principle: Violence should only be used when absolutely necessary.
Major Principle: Life should be taken one sleep at a time
Major Tie: Work (Hate)
Major Tie: Gills (Passive Servitude)
Major Tie: The Captain (Gratitude)
Minor Tie: Lusca (Prankful Love)
Minor Tie: Poetry (Secret Appreciation)

Strength 1, Dexterity 4, Stamina 2
Charisma 2, Manipulation 2, Appearance 4
Perception 4, Intelligence 1, Wits 2

Athletics ••• (Balance)
Awareness ••••
Brawl ••
Dodge ••• (Close-Quarters Combat)
Larceny ••
Linguistics •• (Poetry)
Melee ••
Performance •• (Distraction)
Sail •
Stealth •••
Survival ••


Humanized: Tosh may use his paws as hands and may stand on two legs like a human would.

Keen Hearing: Tosh double 9s on hearing-based Perception rolls.

Lands on its Feet: Tosh apply the double 8s rule on all balance checks. When Tosh suffers falling damage, it ignores all dice of damage associated with the fall, and converts automatic levels of damage from the fall to dice that must be rolled.

Night Vision: Tosh can see in dim conditions as though they were in broad daylight, and reduce the difficulty of Perception-based checks made in deeper darkness by one.

Tiny Creature: Tosh add +2 Evasion against any attack made by a larger foe. In addition, larger characters subtract two successes from any Awareness-based roll made to notice it

Dice Pools

Withering Attack (Knife): Accuracy 10, Damage 8/1
Decisive Attack: Accuracy 6
Join Battle: 6
Rush: 7
Disengage: 7
Parry 3, Evasion 4 (See Tiny Creature)
Soak: 2, Hardness 0

Health Levels
-0 [ ]
-1 [ ]
-2 [ ]
-4 [ ]
Resolve 1, Guile 1


Tosh Muly, the pirate cat

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